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Each piece of Veritas jewelry is crafted to adhere to their standards for quality. Every necklace, ring, and bracelet produced with the Veritas name is individually inspected and certified to ensure that their customers are getting the best piece of jewelry possible. All items include an individual serial number and a unique certificate of authenticity.



For those who are interested in urban streetwear and bling, Veritas is one of the most notable jewelry makers on the boutique, urban market. With designs that inspired by sacred iconography, pop culture, and more with a range of styles and chain accessories. Veritas is worn and supported by some of the most notable fashion, sports, and culture icons, including Joey Bada$$, Kemba Walker (New Orleans Hornets), The Weeknd, Justin Beiber, Schoolboy Q, Nate Robinson and more. They have been featured in major urban magazines such as XXL. 

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