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By admin on 2014-06-14

Posted on June 13 2014

The Pros and Cons of Remastered Air Jordan Retros

So in you haven’t heard, Jordan Brand will be gracing us with remastered retros in the coming year(silent cheering). Some sneakerheads take care of their kicks so well they don’t even care, while others are ecstatic because they don’t have to worry about their tumbled leather creasing or sole separation. The fans have been loyal to Jordan Brand, in the past couple years the shoes released have not been up to the standards we would expect. Jordan has customers that have been purchasing their shoes for decades, and for consumers that have been buying Jordan’s longer than most American marriages last they do deserve a bit more. Don’t dare think this upgrade comes for free, there will be a spike in prices around 10-15%. Although we may not like it, it is totally feasible for better quality materials and work. It will be a hard adjustment but when you can guarantee that your kicks will last a couple years longer it is a small price to pay. It may seem like shoes may stay on shelves a little longer, however, consider this, about a decade ago people were going crazy when retail for Jordan’s went from $100 to $120, which is not a 10% or 15% rise, but a full 20%. Think about it in this sense, when you buy from a reseller there is no way to confirm what you are getting is legit or a really good knockoff and you pay 150% or 200% of retail price. Now you will be able to confirm what you are getting is a legitimate pair of sneaks and you will be giving that money you would originally give to the reseller, who has no ties to Jordan, straight to Jordan.

By Keith Jones


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