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Harif Guzman, The Face Behind the brand, Haculla

Posted on December 05 2014

 Harif Guzman

From Venezuela to the New York Streets and beyond, Harif Guzman knows the hard-core street life, intimately. He was raised in a rough and tumble street culture, according to the Converse article, often crashing on friends floors, and even homeless for some time, Harif learned to find a place in this world by painting his name and art everywhere. It was his way of claiming a part of  himself.  He grew from his struggles from being robbed and punked so many times, he lost count. He began videoing friends and it later led to his photo booth, which provided resources that allowed him to work on his art as a business, though he hates to think of his work as business, he still realizes that social media has changed the landscape of artists being recognized and utilizes it.

Frustrated that nobody could pronounce his name and friends calling him HA, he later changed his street name to Haculla, out of his fascination with Dracula. His art is often dripping in sexuality, aggression, pain and surrealism.

According to the 002Houston article, he sees art or painting as “not just fabrication or things like that, but actually being a painter. There’s still some people out there that still respect it, I hope. Painting’s something I do. Not the success or the money. I mean, it’s something I’ve been doing for a long time, just not living the success of what I do because by default almost, being mentally ill or something, it’s like the only treatment I have for my problem, I guess, but…When it’s good, it’s good. But when it’s bad it’s even better, because that’s what fuels your work. All the bullshit that you have to deal with, and all the struggles that you have help fuel you as an artist.”

Today, life is really looking up for Harif, or shall I say, Haculla!

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