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Makonnen Shout Out to Status

Posted on December 08 2014

Status Makonnen and Drake

Until recently, Makonnen Sheran was an unknown. Now, he’s anything BUT. Signed to Drake’s label, OVO. Let’s just say “He’s Going Up on a Tuesday!”

Makonnen gave a shout out to Collective Status Boutique on November 30th in Dallas at the Monroe Lounge. Scotty, Manager of our Collective “Status” store in Dallas, and Larry were in the house for the show and representing Status. See the video here: MakonnenFreestyle where he says, “I ‘Fxxxs’ with Status, too! Had to grab some clothes and some socks and some shoes!”

Life wasn’t always so good. Years before Makonnen made his appearance, he was wrongfully accused of killing a friend and later suffering the emotional toll of it all, and being misunderstood. He was even jailed for a short time and released, then on house arrest for two years. It was quite a hard time for Makonnen.

In Buzzfeed.com, he revealed his experiences of being depressed to the point of wanting to kill himself. He had enlisted in the Air Force and had plans to leave in 20 days right after the excitement of high school graduation. It was the night before leaving for the service — and that night changed the trajectory of his life forever. Read in Buzzfeed.com. But, before you do, the story of Makonnen is one of hope and courage. He used his incredibly painful experiences to utilize his talents and to share his love for music. Makonnen’s music is a combination of pop, rock, hip hop and rap. He said he is “far from wanting to be a thug or a gangster.”

ILoveMakonnen is his stage name and his most popular song at the moment is “Tuesday,” a collaboration with Drake. It’s a relaxed and surreal sounding tune that’s catchy. You will likely find yourself singing it or already are! Social media and music were Makonnen’s only outlets when he was bound to his home, on house arrest, and he used it to post his songs on My Space, (when it was popular), which led to his meeting Adele and he later started ilovemakonnenblogspot.com, where he would interview people from all over the world. Even Miley has taken note of Makonnen. Read the full story on buzzfeed.com. Also check out the Favorite Random Grammy Nominees for the Huffington Post. Makonnen is a top pic.

Life is looking up for Makonnen and we’re so glad to be a part of it!

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