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Posted on December 19 2014

There’s a perfect hoodie for everyone, and we have an excellent selection of hoodies from a variety of brands. We took liberties to post some of our favorites. They’re listed from Left Column, to Center Column to Right Column. Click the small pics and it will take you directly to the item on our site. Once items are sold out, they will disappear from the site.

First is the Forte 1206 Silk Sleeve, a black hoodie body with lighter colored scrolls, flourishes and Egyptian designs on the arms. The pattern is set to give a muscular appearance. The pattern is repeated on the kangaroo pocket. You can pair it nicely with black sweatpants or even black or khaki chinos.


Next is the Play Cloths Dark Horse Zip Up Hoodie. It is a black and white hoodie with stars and geometric shapes and zip front. You can dress it up with black slacks, or go casual with jeans and a hat. There is something so fun and classy in this design.


On the lower left above, you will see the Staple x Natural Til Death Hoodie. It’s the black hoodie with the red, white and blue hoodie hat; the same free flowing, flag-like colors are also on the sides of the body. The front shows a white skeleton jumping to make the basket, a play on the Jordan Jump-man. Staple is appliquéd on the right arm. This looks great with black sweatpants and your favorite pair of Jordans.


At the top and center is the D9 Giraffe Print Hoodie, It’s black with beige material in giraffe print, with a kangaroo pocket, luxury fabric, plus it’s 3M. It glows on the design portion. Also check out the matching pants. You will definitely stand out and be in comfort in this set, plus you’ll be noticed at night!


Next down from the center is Thread Workshop, the Marine Hoodie. What’s unique about this hoodie is that it’s very light weight and a very slimming, low profile fabric, a nylon blend. The hoodie can be worn under jackets or worn alone. You will love this for years to come.


Third down on the center column is the Dope Paint Stroke Zip Hoodie. It’s a black hoodie with a white hat and white paint strokes. It looks nice with black sweatpants or the matching Dope Paint Stroke Layered Sweatpants.


The last item on the center column is the Staple Marion Pigeon Hoodie. This is a dark beige hoodie. The body design is a leafy floral with red berries and birds and the very prominent and regal Staple pigeon on the chest. The arms have two green badge stripes on the upper arms. This is definitely an upscale hoodie, one you can wear when out with friends or even family events if paired with a nice pair of chinos in green, beige or khaki.


The top of the third column is the Stussy Laura Love Hoodie. A picture of Laura is textiled all over this black and white hoodie. It has a kangaroo pouch and drawstring. This casual hoodie looks great with almost any color pant or sweatpants. Just think of all the options!


Second down on the right column is the D9 Family Crest Elongated Zip up Hoodie. The hoodie is quite the regal hoodie with attitude and bling. It is black with the gorgeous and prominent gold and red royal crest on the front chest and two blinging size zippers on each side and up the front, with an elongated t-style back. There is even a matching hat. You are going to stand out in style.


Last but not least is the LATHC Medusa Hoodie. This hoodie is a black pullover with white graphic design in a screen print graphic. There are three badging stripes on the arms. Rule the Streets is printed in red on on face of the Medusa head. Kangaroo pocket. Ultra soft. Pair this with black sweatpants or a pair of Rustic Dime Slim Fit Vino Denim.


**NOTE: Once items are sold out, they will not return a search.

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