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Posted on December 24 2014

Civ Regime

Civil Regime is a brand that reflects the positive aspects of multicultural dynamics and salutes those who dare to be different and those who rise above the crowd, celebrating people’s great contributions.

Civil clothing brand launched in 2009 by Karen Civil. She created the brand to celebrate our differences and to unite. She noticed that there is so much that divides us, including ethnicity and cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs and more. Civil’s ideology is that we should “celebrate the difference,” because it is our differences make us strong and unique — and Civil does just that for men and women.

At Collective “Status” Boutique, we see Civil as a unifying brand that celebrates the best in all of us. Status cherishes individualism, contribution and diversity.

Top left to right: Civil Torches Drop Crotch Runner Joggers in black and grey, Civil Trap Snapback in Black, Civil High Rank ’08 Mesh Bomber Jacket, Civil Long Flap Long Tee, and lastly, the Civil Star Comp Tee.

Note: When an item is sold out, the link will not return a search. 


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