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King Ice


Marz by King Ice - The Carbonite

$ 20.00

The Carbonite isn't made for flash; it's made for fashion. With its black and grey 6mm ball beads, The Carbonite mixes and matches with all types of attire--from streetwear to...

Marz by King Ice - The Gravel

$ 50.00

The Gravel's achromatic colors add plenty of character while each of the 6mm beads work well alongside traditional grays and blacks. Meanwhile, each 6mm braided leather bracelet adds volume and...

Marz by King Ice - The DeepSea

$ 50.00

The DeepSea's sodalite beads pierce through the matte black and braided leather encasing the vibrant blues, while the steel charms on each bracelet add definition to the set. With both...

King Ice 14K Gold Lapis Crown Julz Bracelet

$ 200.00

Made for a king, the 14K Gold Crown Julz Bracelet features the qualities attributed only to royalty: elegant, vibrant and eye-catching. Each bracelet features 10 elegantly cut and polished Lapis...

King Ice 18K Gold Camo Wrap Bracelet

$ 25.00

The Emerald Camo Wrap is eye-catching. Let it sit on your wrist and you'll notice the glares people give to the bright Emerald camo color pallet included on this bracelet....

King Ice Pyramid Ring

$ 60.00

An Egyptian themed ring with a pyramid design finished off in 14K gold. This ring contains hieroglyphic symbols of an owl on one side and an ankh key and triangle...

King Ice CZ Jesus Teardrop Necklace

$ 80.00

Featuring clear CZ stones, this Jesus Teardrop Necklace includes a detailed showcasing of Christ . Each item comes dipped with gold plating to provide shine and durability, while the CZ...

King Ice 14K Gold Medusa Ring

$ 40.00

Detailed Medusa ring with a two-tone face. This 14k gold finished ring features a detailed Medusa design with a rhodium silver face to give it that two-tone look. King Ice...

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